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While the world is still looking for a solution, in 2009 Michael Harvey made a breakthrough for the Common Consumer creating a much-needed energy saving guide - Earth4Energy.

Each month you have to pay the bills, electricity bills are especially worrying due to the increasing number of home appliances that consume a lot of energy. In the recent years leading countries and companies have started to take energy saving seriously making it one of the most important priorities in the 21st century.

In the global recession times people are always open to new ways to save money. You probably found this site searching for a solution to reduce your energy bill, and our main goal is helping out small households by letting people know the real power behind green energy.

About This Website
We try to tackle the energy problem! We are a group of individuals interested in green energy and smaller bills. We searched the internet to learn about home made energy and found Michaels Earth4energy system that we have used for a while now. We decided to obtain the package and split the price between us. Even if the package didn´t cost much, we didn´t know what to expect. Mind you, Earth4energy and this field in general was very new to everyone. Altogether this site is about our personal experience and pointers the help others with the same problem.

If you would like to go directly to Michael Harveys Earth4Energy website: CLICK HERE

Saving Electricity and Money
I know this sounds commonplace but people still forget the easiest ways to save on electricity. First talk to your family. Make a simple list that everybody should follow. Write down pointers like switching off the lights when they are not present in the room. Tell everyone to turn off every appliance they are currently not using. When you and your family are away from the house you should unplug everything that consumes electricity. It has been proven that turned off appliances that are plugged in still consume some amount of energy. Every little step you make will take you that much closer to saving more energy and money. Plan your power!

-- Use space heaters to heat only the rooms you're in,
(Rather than a central system that heats the whole house), and turn off the heat when you're not home.
Cost $80 / Save $1286

-- Use ceiling fans instead of the air conditioner
$100 / $665

-- Turn off lights you´re not using
0/ $219

-- Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot or warm
None/ $167

-- Sleep your computer when you're not using it
0/ $143

-- Use a clothesline or a laundry rack instead of a dryer
$20/ $141

-- Turn off a single 100-watt light bulb, from running constantly
0/ $96

-- Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescents
$32/ $90

$232 once / $2087 every year- If you think about it... so little things, but save a lot of money... why not give it a try!

-- Replace top-loading washer with front-loading washer
$500/ $90

-- Replace 1990 fridge with 2004 model
$300/ $45

$800 once / $135 every year - Not Bad!

1. One 5000-watt central system running 24/7 for four months, vs. two 1500-watt heaters running 8 hours a day for four months.

2. Stop running a 3500-watt AC, 12 hours a day for five months, use two large ceiling fans instead, 12 hours/day.

3. Five 100-watt light bulbs on for 10 hours a day when they don't need to be.

4. 1/3 of loads originally on the Hot/Warm setting and 2/3 on Warm/Warm setting; electric water heater; 8 loads/week.

5. Computer system sleeps for 21 hrs/day @ 5 watts, vs. on for 24 hrs/day @ 160 watts.

6. 36¢/load as per the clothes dryer page, 8 loads a week. (Gas dryer isn't much better @ 34¢/load.)

7. Ten 15-watt fluorescent bulbs vs. 60-watt incandescent bulbs, each burning 5.5 hours a day.

8. All loads washed on Warm/Warm setting. 8 loads a week. Water heated electrically. This includes water costs.

9. Replacing a 900 kWh/year top-freezer model with a 450 kWh/year top-freezer model

10. National average electrical rate of 12¢/kWh.

*These strategies are based on USA National household average of energy usage -

***Get accustomed to this information and put it into use. See what works best for you. However there are other advanced methods to benefit from like making energy yourself. We will discuss about using these methods later using a popular and proven Earth4Energy - saving system.


Good decision to read on, some interesting information still to come.

Making electricity is no rocket science. I am doing it, my friends are doing it. It is not hard if you know the basics.  So how can we produce electricity by ourselves?

We can use any of the following solutions to make electricity:

-- Wind power- Wind power helps us generate electricity for farms and houses.

-- Solar power- Solar Power is a great way to cook light up and act as a heat source for our homes.

-- Bio-gas- Can be used for generating electricity in small amounts.

Wind power is a great energy source as it can be used night and day. It is constantly available in some quantity. Wind power is not in common use but the interest is rising amongst people. How to take use of wind is one of the two opportunities to produce energy for yourself explained in Earth4energy package.

Wind power has a high demand low supply market. Therefore in current times it’s a good way to create energy using wind as it won´t affect the environment negatively.

The power generated is beneficial for the following reasons:
-- Free Source of Energy- Wind power system makes energy out of thin air that is absolutely free.

-- No Environment Danger- Producing wind power is as green as you can get. It produces no harmful gases or chemicals.

-- Cost-Effective Maintenance- The maintenance costs are low.

-- 24 Hours a Day- Wind never stops to exist. It manages to produce some amount of energy with any weather condition or wind speed.

-- Your Own Source of Energy- Wind power gives you independency from government controlled electricity companies.

Wind turbines are made to make use of wind energy. Wind is converted to mechanical power. Turbines further the process by converting mechanical energy into electricity. A turbine consists of a tower, rotor blades, a generator and base. The average requirement for a wind turbine is an area of 1 acre and average wind speeds around 11 miles per hour.

We will soon discuss what we found to be the cheapest way to build one by yourself using Earth4energy system.


The most popular uses for wind power are:

-- Grinding stones and grains

-- Acting as water pumps

-- Running electronic or electrical appliances

In these difficult times it is a great option to take advantage off wind power. Moreover it does not hurt the environment in any way.

Interested to make wind power yourself, try Earth4Energy:  Visit Earth4Energy

Solar power is the most rampant energy form on the planet. Sun power can give us much more than heat and light. Sun dictates life, without sun energy there would be nothing living. In addition it doesn´t pollute the environment in any form. Moreover you can utilize suns abundant resources to generate power.

How to take use of solar power is the second opportunity to produce energy for yourself explained in Earth4energy package.

Sun power is one of the alternative energy solutions and is gaining in popularity.

Sun power main positives:
-- Green Solution to Energy: Solar power doesn´t release any harmful gases into the atmosphere. Nor does it need any other fuel source to keep it operating.

-- Cheap Energy: It is free energy. The investment is worthwhile because the cost of installing solar panels is a one time fee.

-- No Storage Issues: Compared to regular power, solar power can be stored for future use. Even when the sun cannot be seen, it can be used 24/7 thanks to the ability to store solar power.

-- Little Maintenance Costs: Almost no maintenance is required. Solar panels do not have any mechanically moving parts making them easy to maintain.


People can use solar power in their day-to-day lives.

Here are just some of the ways on using solar power:

-- Cooking system

-- Lighting system

-- Water heaters

-- Battery Chargers

-- Pool heater

-- Other gadgets

-- Power generator for your whole house explained
in detail by Earth4energy program.

Sun power can be used in many different ways. It is cheap, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

But how can you build solar panels for your home, use Earth4Energy: CLICK HERE

All the information that you just read can put into use with Michael Harvey´s Earth4energy - the most wanted energy saving system for common user.

We obtained it and it is showing positive results.
Earth4energy provides both wind and solar systems. The package contains everything you need to start making your own electricity by teaching you how to build a solar panel and a wind turbine.

The Earth4energy pack comes in 5 parts:
-- Introduction to Solar Energy- Basics of solar energy.

-- How to build your solar panel- Detailed plans and easy-to-follow
instructions to build your own solar panel.

-- Solar Help Package- Contains a calculator to help you know how many panels you need to power your house,  solar tax credits and rebate documents and energy consumers guide. Also extra info guides on the process.

-- Make a Wind Turbine- Step-by-step plans on how to take use of wind energy.

-- Earth4Energy Video Series- Solar education videos to guide you through.

We found the following positives about the Earth4energy package:

1. Our energy bills were reduced - if we invested more time in to building these we theoretically could eliminate our energy bill completely

2. Saves More Money - Like with all things, building it yourself instead of buying a premade product and hiring a company to install it, saves you considerable amount of money. Besides, it is not that hard to do it yourself. Why hire an expensive service. Earth4energy has a proven concept and a rising number of people are actually using it - Earth4Energy is #1 Most Used Energy Making System For A Common User on the market.


It is simple because we know people who have bought other products on the market. This made it easy for us to tip the scales in favor of one system over another. Seeing any product put into practice always shows the real value of the merchandise. It didn´t take a lot of time to see that others products had some shortcomings compared to Earth4Energy system.

What are products offered just did not compare to Earth4Energy Quality Standard.


The website and the payment system is connected with Clickbank, a trusted source of payments, I have bought many products connected with Clickbank and know that this firm has years of experience and is a trusted company. Furthermore Clickbank assures you a 8 week 100% Money-Back Quarantee, every product that is on Clickbank marketplace must provide this Quarantee.

If you are interested in Earth4energy then JUST BUY IT , Earth4Energy
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